Digital Test
Staying Safe Online
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Complete the Digital Test by correctly answering the questions below and scoring 80% or more. When you pass the test you will receive a Digital Certificate.

Your story on Snapchat lasts for 24 hours.

A post on Facebook can be a photo, GIF, text, video or link to another website.

The only devices you can play online games on are the Xbox and PlayStation.

Always use a nickname when gaming, this way you are restricting other users from finding personal information about you.

Only people you have accepted as a friend can post on your Timeline.

A Timeline in Facebook is the area on your profile where you and your friends can post on.

The Search and Explore option on Instagram allows users to see photos and videos ‘liked’ by people whose posts you have ‘liked’, or posts that have a large number of ‘likes’.

PEGI rating indicates the appropriate age for each game.

Your story on Snapchat lasts forever.

A Snap is a photo or video, which lasts anything from 1 to 10 seconds that you can send to your friends.